Lupus Awareness Month

It’s October and that means one thing.
Lupus Awareness Month.

Lupus is one of those things that you’ve either heard of or you haven’t. You either know or you don’t know. And if you’re one of these people who has no idea of what it’s about or has never heard of it then I’d like to let you know that…

  • Lupus can affect any body part and because the immune system produces too many antibodies, it ends up attacking itself.
  • It can also present itself as a variety of signs/ symptoms meaning it is often mistaken for other illnesses.
  • Fatigue, swollen/ painful joints, hair loss and light sensitivity are just a few of many signs/ symptoms.
  • Whilst one person might have a very mild case of Lupus (a skin rash), the next person might have a serious case (kidney problems). This causes a lot of problems when trying to diagnose!
  • The research for Lupus is ongoing with stem cell transplants and new drugs being looked into.

This is a very unpredictable autoimmune disease and from personal experience I know what Lupus can do to the person and those around.
The above isn’t everything about Lupus – it’s not even half – but this month is all about raising awareness.

Want to know more about Lupus?
Like and follow LupusUK (and/or any other Lupus charity in your area/ country)!


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