NCIS Season 12, Episode 1 – I Didn’t Miss Ziva…

NCIS came back onto our (US and Canada) screens on September 23rd and I think I speak for many when I say it didn’t disappoint.
The action kicked off within the first quarter of the episode, two of the lead characters are caught up in a helicopter crash in Russia (where this episode takes places) and Tony seems more serious.
Below is a (literal) list of what I liked and disliked…

  • The opening credits this season are 👌. It’s great to see a change. I like.
  • I do, however, feel like there was a missed opportunity during the Tony/ McGee scene in the bullpen.
    Tony: “Yes, once a geek, always a geek.”
    Perhaps it’s too soon but I was expecting a “McGeek” at the ending of that sentence to be honest. (Oh well, perhaps Tony’s humour will show up next episode? I look forward to seeing where they take him this season either way.)
    Not even 10 minutes in and NCIS was exploding. Need I say more?
  • For me it really started when Gibbs was faced with a vicious beast, his gun nowhere near him. And then out of nowhere (the sticks, really) McGee comes in and saves the day!
    But truthfully, I love the whole Gibbs/ McGee dynamic – I want to see more. They work well together. Words aren’t needed… they just know. And the whole paperclip on a leaf thing/ McGee pulling out a compass and then McGee trying to light a fire/ Gibbs pulls out a lighter thing –  the Boy Scout motto adds another layer to the relationship 👍.
  • Whether it was the missile sound scene or the virus that sent the NCIS network into meltdown, it was great to see Miss Sciuto back in the lab doing what she does best.
  • But I didn’t miss Ziva. Not one bit. (I’m still a fan but) she didn’t even cross my mind or at least she didn’t until they mentioned Ari Haswari. And even then it was fleeting.
  • This brings me to Ari. I like how they’re connecting this new season to the past because as most of us know, Ari goes waaay back to the days of Kate. I look forward to seeing where they go with this…
  • Ellie Bishop. I didn’t mind her in this episode and to be honest, I hope she’s used effectively (because if she isn’t then they might as well get rid). If used well this season I think she could really gain some more fans and actually become a character we’d hate to see leave our screens. Let’s ‘sit tight’ and see what the producers are going to do with her.
  • Vance. Not much to say here other than I liked him in this episode. I’m liking him more each time I watch him to be honest. I wonder which Vance we’ll get next time?
  • Sergei is alive. Because we didn’t see that coming…
  • But Tony pulling Gibbs away and leading him into the vehicle? Now that was just ***.

Anybody else looking forward to the next episode?!

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