You Are Being Prepared For Greater…

“There is never a majestic mountain without a deep valley, and there is no birth without pain.”
– Daniel Crawford

You are being prepared for greater…

Vincent Egoro

There are times I wonder why I have to go through so much pressure and face so many challenges even as a child of God. Maybe you have been in this position too, where all you see when you look around you are the bills to pay, the needs to meet, and the many commitments you have to keep. Yet there are others around you who seem to have everything going for them, and their lives appear to be so easy.

This past week, was one of those weeks I had to tell God, “I am tired of these difficulties!” “Why can’t I just get to that point where I stop worrying about money?” “Why does it always have to be this difficult for me?” It didn’t take long for God to answer me, as I was led to this passage of scripture; “I consider that our present sufferings are…

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