The New Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, Is A Christian

I hadn’t heard of Nicky Morgan before it was announced that she’d be replacing Michael Gove.
When I heard the news about Gove it’s fair to say that I, like most people, was very pleased.
How did this man manage to hold the title of Education Secretary for so long anyway?
At least that chapter is over now though.

As I said, I hadn’t heard of Nicky Morgan before the announcement but I will certainly be keeping my eyes and ears open to see what she brings to the table.
She’s already receiving bad press for being being a Christian and it hasn’t even been a week!
Nobody knows what she’s capable of and what she’ll bring to the table but because of her beliefs, she’s already being marked down.
Yes, I know that most people want a secular society but to completely discard religion and the people who practice it is simply stupid.
Everybody in parliament has a belief of some kind so why should Nicky Morgan be marked down because of her Christian faith?!

“Almost nothing has been made of the skills she brings to the role. You don’t rise from a parliamentary newbie to senior government minister in four years unless you are extremely competent and the Prime Minister trusts you and your abilities to do the job well, especially with the election looming.”
– I too think it’s a shame that her character is being torn apart because of her faith. She hasn’t even shown what she’s capable of and already she’s been deemed unfit. And although “it is almost inevitable that teachers and their unions will like her more than Michael Gove bearing in mind the animosity felt towards him… some would have her out because of her perfectly legitimate views and beliefs that she shares with millions of others in this country… some have decided that is not good enough even before she takes on her role… Up until very recently if you mentioned that you were a Christian in politics, no one would have thought anything of it. Is it not better to be open and honest about your beliefs when you are in a position of authority rather than suppressing them and leaving others guessing what motivates you? The public are crying out for more genuine politicians…”

“Nicky Morgan has described her role in Parliament as not only to serve her constituents, but “to remember the Word of God and serve the Lord.” I say good on her.”

God and Politics in the UK

Nicky MorganWorking in an educational establishment and knowing a fair few teachers elsewhere, I saw some ecstatic people yesterday when the news of Michael Gove’s departure from the Department of Education was announced. It’s been incredible witnessing the levels of joy some have expressed at seeing him go. It’s no secret that when education secretaries push through reforms they tend to upset the teaching profession. Gove pushed through a great deal during his four years in charge and also managed to do it in a way that put  a lot of people’s backs up.

Without wanting to turn this post into a full-blown discussion on the pros and cons of what Michael Gove achieved, from the viewpoint of someone who has now been teaching for over a decade, change has desperately been needed in schools. We have had children leaving education with their hands stuffed full of qualifications that suited the schools…

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