It’s Time For Labour To Wake Up And Take Freedom Of Religion And Belief Seriously

“There is no good reason whatsoever why freedom of religion or belief should not be a priority for every political party; it is a basic and essential human right…”

God and Politics in the UK

Broken Cross Christian PersecutionAre those on the left really afraid or unwilling to talk in public about the persecution of religious believers around the globe and in particular, that of Christians? Owen Jones, the political commentator who was ranked the seventh most influential left-winger last year by the Telegraph, seems to think so. Writing in the Guardian last month he said this:

‘[T]he persecution of Christians across the globe… is an issue not discussed enough by progressives, partly perhaps because of a fear that it has become a hobby horse of Muslim-bashers. Anti-Muslim websites like Jihad Watch seize on examples of Christian persecution to fuel the narrative of Muslims as innately violent and threatening.

‘According to Rupert Shortt, who wrote Christianophobia: A Faith Under Attack, the persecution of Christians is a “liberal blind spot”, suggesting that we are “very, very sensitised to the perceived sufferings and complaints of Muslims, many of which…

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