Meet The BNP Youth. They’re Fighting Back, You Know…

As we should all be aware, Thursday, 22nd May, is election day.

It is for this reason that I have decided to post this three minute video published by bnptv on YouTube.
These youth, BNP Youth to be specific, are speaking out on various topics.
For example, according to the youth, not only does the media “ignore racist attacks on whites such as Charlene Downes” but they pander “to the likes of Baroness Lawrence”.
(Yeah of course they do because, nobody else has experienced racial attacks and had nothing done about it, have they?! I mean, Stephen Lawrence’s murder was, after all, dealt with accordingly, wasn’t it? disgust)

The other thing that made me laugh though (well, the whole video did really,) was this particular quote: “We want our land to be a home for our people and our culture.” (Emphasis on our. Ha. Do you not know the history of our country, mate? LOL much.)

It seems that these youth need to do their homework and in all seriousness, I urge us to do ours before voting on Thursday.
Attached is the video to the BNP Youth speaking out. I highly recommend you view it…





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