The Refining Process…

“He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver; He will purify the Levites and refine them like gold and silver. Then the Lord will have men who will bring offerings in righteousness…”
-Malachi 3:3

With each day that we’re given, we should try and become more like Christ and not like the traditions and people we are surrounded by.
This was the message at church yesterday and of all the passages read out, Malachi 3:3 stayed with me and it stayed with me because of this story…

The Refining Process
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This particular passage (Malachi 3:3) was being studied in a bible study and in order to understand it better, one of the ladies went out to research the process of refining silver.
The lady went to a silversmith’s and asked him how he refined silver.
As the silversmith held a piece of silver over the fire, he explained that in order to refine the silver, the process involved using a lot of heat (fire). The silver needed to be held in the middle of the fire as that is where it is hottest; that is the only way to burn the impurities.
She also asked if he sat there with the silver (in reference to Malachi 3:3). The silversmith replied yes. He had to hold the silver in place and watch it at all times because a moment too long in the flames would destroy that piece of silver.
The woman then asked the silversmith how he knew when the silver was refined.
The silversmith responded, “When I can see my face in the silver.”

Just like the refining process that the silver goes through, we, as children of Christ, must go through numerous tests and trials before we become the final and desired product that God has in mind.
It might all seem hard to bear but know that just like the refiner, God has His eye on you and He is there with you.
You will only be in the midst of those flames, the trials, for as long as you need to be and just as the silversmith knows the refining process is complete once he can see his face in the silver, know that your refining process is complete when God can see His face in you.

I pray that you’ll strive to follow Christ’s example and want to be more like Him with each day you’re given.
I pray that you will be comforted and gain strength with the knowledge that just as the silver is purified and better than before, so will you become pure and better than before through your refining process.





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