It’s A Kontroversy! Kimye On The Cover Of Vogue…

Kontroversy - Kimye - Vogue
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I know this happened on the weekend but, I think news such as Kimye making the cover of Vogue is one of those things that will be relevant for a long time.
I mean, Kimye will still be in the mouths of both their fans and their non- supporters in the next few months regardless of whether Vogue is mentioned or not.

Despite not being a fan of either one of them, even I can’t deny that they are relevant in today’s culture (I mean, kids and adults love them as reality TV fame is fast becoming a desirable career choice).
Today’s world is filled and fuelled by scandal and unless your name is synonymous with scandal and can blow sensationalism to the nth degree, nobody really takes notice.
It’s a sad shame but in this world; it is the truth.


But back to this kontroversy centred on Kimye fronting April’s cover of Vogue…
*(Widespread) rumour/ speculation/ report has it that Kanye has been hassling Anna Wintour since forever for Kim to be on the face of Vogue. Anna Wintour has denied this.
*I wholeheartedly believe that every saint has a past and every sinner a future but for many, Kim’s beginnings into her life of (reality) fame and fortune will always go back to that sex tape.
*It is this last point that is making many people ask themselves why somebody who is essentially famous from a sex tape (that led to a reality TV show and numerous endorsements), is now the face of a magazine hailed as the fashion bible because,
*Let’s face it, many of Miss Kardashian and Mr West’s fashion choices have come under fire many a time!

I guess we can’t deny the facts though…
*Since hooking up with Kanye, Kim’s look has changed drastically.
*Yes, her fashion choices during her pregnancy may not have been the best but her style has seen an overhaul.
*Whilst many will still deem Kardashian’s style as trashy, cheap, tacky blahdibalh, she has actually been wearing chic pieces from classy designers since Mr West came into her life and, whether we think she’s done the pieces justice or not is irrelevant (see April’s issue of Vogue).
*Reality TV Kim has been replaced with a Kim that sits front row at Fashion Week and is even being invited into tightly knit fashion circles.
*Yes, she did that tape and it catapulted her (and her family) into a world filled with money and more money but…
*She’s now the face of April’s Vogue alongside her husband to be (and baby North features in the cover story inside).

But Vogue is…
…the fashion bible. And in my opinion it shouldn’t change for anybody or any culture.
… and has been sprinkled with high fashion models and award winning actresses.
…and always has been the place to go to to view the most coveted fashions gracing its glossy pages.
…and always has been the epitome of class, standards and trends…
…home to many dedicated and life- long subscribers who are likely to (if they haven’t already) unsubscribe.
…actually about culture and many of its past covers show this.

Based on my last point, this isn’t the first time Vogue (regardless of its country) has featured ‘pop culture’ (talented or not) on its front page. In terms of film, Halle Berry and Sarah Jessica Parker have graced the front page and in terms of music, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyonce and Miley Cyrus are just four faces out of many.
Kimye is simply the latest ‘pop culture’ name to be added to the list and they make history because of their ‘reality’ status.
And whilst I have always held the belief (and still do) that Vogue is in its own league and has its very own culture; Vogue Culture, who is to say that Vogue Culture isn’t a subdivision of today’s pop culture?
Because, in the words of Anna Wintour; “Part of the pleasure of editing Vogue, one that lies in a long tradition of this magazine, is being able to feature those who define the culture at any given moment,”

My personal view?
I initially believed that Vogue had devalued with the face of Kimye plastered on its front cover.
Because Vogue has featured the likes of  Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and Karolina Kurkova to name but a few.
Anna Wintour’s quote sums it up perfectly and let’s be real, this is just one kontroversy in a very long line for Vogue!





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