Speak To Your Mountains

Fear I COMMAND you to leave.

You’ve prayed about it and now it is time to SPEAK.
You need to speak to your mountains otherwise they will continue to speak negativity into your life.
YOU are in control.
Speak to your mountains and you will discover that they are NOT permanent.
Speak words of faith.
The enemy will tremble and your chains will break.

Having that mountain moving faith is about speaking in the authority of the Son of the Living God.
Know that no power of hell and no scheme of man can ever stand against you if you simply speak in faith.
Things will change and they will turn in your favour. The work will begin in the unseen realm; He will release favour and He will  send victory. 

Know that there is a time to pray and that there is a time to speak and if you’ve been praying then now is the time to command those obstacles to leave your life.
Rather than talking about the obstacle we need to speak to them.
Take a look at David. He spoke to his obstacle; his mountain; Goliath. Did he or did he not succeed?
Why can’t we speak to our Goliath? Why can’t we command our mountain to leave?

KNOW  THE SIZE of your God.
He is with us always and know that with Him by your side you can do anything.
STOP speaking to God about how big your mountain is and tell your mountain just how big your God is because the more you speak about your mountain is the weaker you become. The more you speak about your mountain and allow it to manifest is the more you show fear to the mountain and not enough faith in God.

Speak to your mountain in strength and in confidence and remember that you are blessed and highly favoured.

This post was influenced by and contains a lot of material from a sermon entitled Having Mountain Moving Faith by Joel Osteen.
I hope it will help you as it has helped me.




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