We Need To Keep Striving

I don’t even know where to begin.
A child is dead and the killer. He’s free.
A flaw in state law has something to do with this but in the end I think it’s fair to say that the general consensus is that this is all about race.
Trayvon Martin was a black boy. And we all know what being black means.
It’s a negative thing. It always has been. The media builds up this stereotype of the violent, rude, aggressive black male and because the media says it is so, it is so.
This stereotype is the problem and without it, Trayvon Martin might still be with us.


I’m not an American, I’m British. And I’m not male. But I am black.
I, we (the black British people), face the same setbacks even though they might be in a different setting and on a different level.
The world has always made black people out to be negative. We’re always labelled as something and we’re usually always a target.


I was following the Trayvon Martin case and my heart, my prayers go out to Trayvon’s parents, his family, his friends.
Because of a wannabe cop this child’s life was taken and the same thoughts and questions are circulating… Would Trayvon Martin have been shot at had he not have been a black youth? Would that cold blooded killer have adhered to the cop’s directions to keep back if Trayvon had been some other race? With the stereotypes and media control I doubt the decision to target him would have even come to mind.
But imagine if it had been Trayvon with the gun. Imagine if this young boy had hunted down this unarmed man and shot him because of a hunch… do I even need to go on?
What about the black woman who got 20 years for shooting AT A WALL for self defence? Why did she get 20 years for defending herself whilst Zimmerman got nothing for killing a defenceless child? Tell me where the sense is?
There are so many questions and yet, where are the answers?
We need to keep striving.
There is no justice and all we can keep doing is keep striving for it and not just for Trayvon as a single black youth but for ourselves, for the people, for the world.
The protests and the social media support are great ways to spread the message and we need to continue.
Over here in the UK the death of reggae star Smiley Culture was portrayed by the media as suicide. They’re trying to say that he stabbed himself during a police raid with a knife that came from an “unknown location”. This recent case isn’t the first of its kind though. Let’s go back to 1993 with the racially fuelled murder of Stephen Lawrence in South East London. Up to this day the campaign is still going on because, where is the justice? Up until recently it was revealed that the police were SMEARING the Lawrence family name and anybody else’s who was involved. I mean, why were the killers allowed to go free despite there being enough evidence to convict them in the first place? Apparently this is life. This is the evil world we live in.
Stephen’s mother Doreen is well known for her work in fighting for justice for her son’s case and also publicising the many flaws within the system – especially against the black man. Just because Stephen’s death was 20 years ago it doesn’t make it irrelevant – it’s probably more relevant now than ever as it’s a reminder that we have to keep on striving. If nobody had fought for Stephen he might well be forgotten. If nobody had fought then nobody would care. I don’t have to know Smiley, Stephen, Trayvon and the countless others to feel the loss and the upset.
These injustices keep happening and all we can do is to keep on striving as we take 10 steps forward only to be brought back by 20 – We have to keep striving in the hope that one day our steps will keep on going forward.


America, we may not be with you on your soil but we feel your struggle and we feel your pain and whilst many will be reciting the Black Male Code to their sons, grandsons, brothers, nephews, cousins… others would have gathered in central London at Grosvenor Square at 4pm today for a demonstration organised by the Left Activist Solidarity Network and Stand Against Fascism. At 6.30pm in Brixton at Hambrook House the Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC) met in what was described as an emergency meeting. And a demonstration organised by the National African Caribbean Forum will take place tomorrow outside of the US Embassy in London.


Whilst I write I know that it isn’t just us as black people that face these struggles when it comes to injustice but guess what, it is the black man who has been targeted again.


My conclusion though is that the world we live in is unjust regardless of race, religion, gender and sex but, as I read the stories and see the black man taking yet another blow, all I can do is pray for justice, better days and the will to go on in love and not hate.
All I keep thinking is that we need to keep striving.




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