Jesus first and always,  (herbal) teas/tisanes, food, charity, natural hair and products and a few random posts here and there.

I was saved back in 2010 and baptised in 2012. With each day I’m granted, I do my best to remain rooted in His word and continue to look to Him in the good times and bad.
He is truly the joy and strength of my life.

As for my love for herbal teas, let’s just say that this past year has made me admit that I’m a herbal tea addict who has far too many varieties of tea and not enough room for them all! I figured somebody out there would appreciate tea just as much as me so here I am!

As you’ve probably gathered from my first sentence, I also love natural products and food. I’m also into charity work and social media (and a bunch of other stuff that will a), likely be revealed in my posts and b), appear as categories (or very, very popular tags) at some point in the future!).

Read, like, comment, share and enjoy!
And remember, you can find me on Twitter @MissVenShaw and also over at Jesus Wired on the weekly column  Gospel Rewind.



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